Haunted by the past

The past wishes to haunt me

Wants me to fear and reflect,

It wants me to stop moving on

The past does not wish me the best.

I refuse to go down that road

I lived this life and now I am old,

I see the wisdom of leaving the past behind,

It does not define me

And although it tries to remind me,

Of missed opportunities,

There was a reason I believe

That they passed me by.

I won’t let the past hold me back

I won’t have no part of that,

Learnt the lesson and I grew,

It helped my being to become renewed

But there is nothing to gain from dwelling in the past,

Life moves on too fast.

Live it ,

Love it,

Cherish life,

Share and shine your light so bright,

Move forward into what is new,

Because all that’s past is behind you,

And that can’t be changed.

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