Life is lived in many shades


We have to see the subtle nuances

Of the various shades of duality

The light and the dark of reality,

The potential between you and me

To succeed through endeavouring our hardest to achieve,

I love the the spiritual belief

Of connecting to in conscious reality,

That inspires me environmentally

And to brings about some compassion and more peace,

Where we could and should learn to live kindly

And if we do this then maybe the universe will refine me,

Along with the whole of humanity

And live with honesty,

That our future is changing how we live,

To tackle climate change

And countless ongoing wars,

Many of them without a truthful cause,

This can’t be ignored

We have to rise above and do more to oppose this,

With our spirit and our belief in creation at each moment.

So see the subtle nuances

And feel the duality involvement

And know that it could all be different,

If we change the position that we see from,

Than we think from,

Than we act on,

Because where we are is a product of domestication,

In the manifestation,

Of what we are told is the norm

And that acting differently leads to scorn,

Well scorn me, for my beliefs,

Based around benevolence, love and peace,

Within a impermanent life of fake realities,

I choose to be the person I am authentically

And I will succeed and if you join me,

We can achieve any future we want to see.

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