Living in denial

Living in denial

with your head stuck in the sand,

at the atrocities perpetrated by man,

towards it’s fellow human beings,

towards our earth, our home,

you can live in denial all you want

but this is reality.

When you buy into their philosophy

that climate change is not real,

the third world starvation in not political

that all of the news is not fake,

and we are being fed lies

the cause of terrorism is because we divide,

when we should unite

or at least teach tolerance on both sides.

Living in denial

that everything is fair,

within a society that doesn’t really care

all it’s really interested in is material possessions and greed,

stick their back in the sand when we talk of social needs

for those who have fallen through the cracks

and are suffering hard times

believe me when I tell being poor is not a crime

but there is no help when your down there

and you will see others don’t care

there would be enough to go around,

if everybody was to share.

Living in denial

your in your comfort zone,

distracted by the TV

zombies on your phone,

oblivious to the truth of what is really going on,

if you are aware you would be outraged

and taking to the streets,

trying to end the nuclear threat by supporting CND

and stopping all the fracking

and the pollution that goes on

and end to slavery and poverty

the list goes on and one,

in a world apparently so advanced,

yet stop wars and children dying, we can’t.

Via: daily Prompt: Denial

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