We are like cannibals

Eating sea on each other,

Feasting on the flesh

Like starving lovers,

Tearing off the pieces

That taste the best,

Sins of the flesh

They leave us no rest.

It’s like we can’t stop

It’s like a disease,

We are cannibals

But trying to please

But we eat away

At each other’s souls,

Like we are both out of control,

We tear pieces

From each other’s hearts,

Sins of the flesh

Tearing us apart.

It plagues the mind,

Erodes the spirit,

As we eat one another every day,

As if crazed,

Like it’s the only way,

That we can be

And we can live

Eating away,

We both feed,

On lustful needs,

Sins of the flesh

Forgive me,

Sins of the flesh

Lustful greed,

Sins of the flesh

Cannibals are we

Sins of the flesh

Are we both crazy.

4 thoughts on “Cannibals

  1. Ah, but lust itself is not a sin…at least, not in my book. One can lust for one’s lover without feeling shame. Really, one needn’t feel shame at all, especially over uncensored thoughts and feelings. The mind doesn’t have a natural filter — it’s synthetic, created by a variety of outside influences. In a god-fearing, man-created world, right and wrong is defined by a limited, inflexible set of guidelines that don’t take into account most circumstances beyond black and white, right and wrong, should and shouldn’t.

    Interesting poem.

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  2. Cannibalism can lead to a diseased mind through a very rare brain parasite, found in one particular region in New Guinea.

    The same goes for today’s society in which it is much more prevalent in our privileged and ever convoluted way of life to feed off the need of not being alone, despite the consequences.

    Feed off of the needs of others, whether it be your selfies or your harbored lament for your parasitic lover.

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