The cruelty of humanity

Why is it we make animals suffer?

Why is it we hunt them?

Why is it we carry out vivisection?

Why is it we kill them for fur and leather?

Why make them suffer for cosmetics, alcohol and cigarettes?

Kill them to feed our greed,

Why is it we feel it’s alright,

To make them suffer to benefit us,

To satisfy our lust.

I see images of bull fighting,

Of elephants and rhinos killed for their ivory,

See lions, leopards and tigers killed for sport,

Foxes hunted by the upper classes,

Dogs eaten as a delicacy,

Whales killed and overfishing is prevalent.

Why as a humanity

We are hell bent on killing and eradicating

All other species,

Kidding ourselves of our superiority,

When actually we just carry out acts of brutal cruelty,

Because we care not, enviromentally

For nature and it’s balance,

That we lead to our self extinction.

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