I just want to sleep!

She laid still in her bed

Noises filled with dread,

In this little cabin, she rented,

As a getaway from it all

And every creak every sound

Was to her so loud,

How was she ever going to sleep like this.

She lay there in her underwear,

Under the sheets

Feeling quite scared

And she felt as vunerable and as weak

As any women ever portrayed could have been,

How was she ever going to get to sleep.

Finally overcome by fatigue,

She closed her eyes and was drifting into deep sleep,

When suddenly she felt a strong hands

From under her bed,

Grabbing her waist and pinning down her head

And in sheer panic,

She let out a scream,

How is anybody meant to sleep like this.

Then she rolled over

And on the bed mounted,

On her hands a position to attack with better ease

And she took out her sword

And thrust it through the bed

And in an instant she knew that demon was dead

And the she tipped the bed over

And stared the beast in its dead eyes,

“How am I meant to sleep on nights like these?”

She was simply tired

And wanted some sleep

And didn’t want to be awakened by a beast

And then she sorted her bed and found new sheets,

And went off to sleep again

And this time was away

She found a moment in which she could sleep the night away.

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