Micro organisms

Micro organisms may create life

But they can build and grow into chaos,

Slowly life expands beyond

How it can sustain itself,

But like a virus it continues to spread

Eventually leaving the host dead

But before it does it seeks out others

Viruses are akin to lovers,

Coupled within a fatal embrace

And as the virus erodes you away,

You end up rotten and decayed

And the virus slips away,

As organisms wish to do the same

Prosper and grow, feast then leave decay,

On a host that is helpless to resist

Something as overwhelming and contagious as this.

Yet if the organisms, us, did not exist

Would everything else cease?

Does all else only exist through our conscious mind?

Does this lead us to be blind,

Is it just our nature to grow and destroy?

Is that all part of these organisms woe?

No other path in life than this,

Or can it still be resisted

And turned into a growth that can be controlled

And used to build new from old,

Created from a more compassionate

And caring soul,

That benefits all but mostly it’s host

And enables a more ecological and environmental growth,

That serves all that lives the most.

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