Ancient rainforest

Hierro was a rugged man, slender with black hair and of Brazilian nationality but had native Indigenous descent. He had spent most of his life working farms for others but recently had been offered a lease to a farm that he could work for himself in the Amazonian rainforest. All he had to do was clear the area of trees and cultivate the land for cattle farming which an American food corporation would pay him to manage. Hierro had made a start after leaving his wife and 5 yr old child back in the local favela where they had a small living space. Hierro dreamt of the farmhouse and farm he would create here for his family, though local indigenous tibes had warned of the perils of cutting down ancient Amazonian trees. He used machinery that was supplied to him via the American corporation and local government agencies.

After a particularly hard day cutting down an area of trees Hierro had an incident. As He was cutting down a tree and ripping up it’s base and roots he noticed a darkness descend and a chill through the air. Strange he thought on such a hit and clear day. He also noticed green fluid forming a puddle on the loamy ground and dripping from the roots. He had also felt a tremor as he tore out the roots and a low grumble. After the moment passed Hierro wiped the sweat and grime from is ruddy features with a stained handcherchief and continued on. That night as darkness set in Hierro was just finishing his meagre meal when he heard noises outside. As He took a look outside Hierro saw a trail of glowing green verdant footsteps leading from his doorway. He instantly realised they were his emanating from where he had been working. He was about to go back in when he heard further sounds of breaking and snapping wood. Hierro went to investigate. As he walked he found himself after a time at the area he had seen the green viscid puddle of green liquid earlier that day. Hierro was not sure wether just to go back to his little wood shack and check more in daylight, his torch did not offer much light at all. Suddenly though there was a chill again but this time it was followed by all the surrounding trees groaning and bleeding the green liquid from there limbs and through their bark. As Hierro started to back away he heard steps behind him. Indigenous folk of a kind he had never seen. Adorned in green paint similar to the liquid bleeding from the trees and glowing. Their eyes also glowed green and their limbs were long and gnarly. Hierro spun around and saw he was now encircled. The indigenous tribe closed in humming a low guttural sound. That was the last moment he remembered.

When Hierro awake he was on the ground, he sat up and saw he was covered in the same green liquid paint. He saw the others sitting around watching him. He looked at his arms and legs and they too had become elongated and gnarly. ‘What is happening?’ Hierro demanded to know. As one the spoke the tribe retorted ‘you now serve the forest. You are now a Forestal.’ Hierro shook his head, ‘no I have work to do, so just get off my land.’ Again as one they replied, ‘ancient land, ancient laws you broke. You now serve forest.’ Hierro got to his feet to run but everywhere he run returned him to this place. He realised he was stuck here. Hierro crumpled to his knees and cried out.

A few days later Hierro’s wife received a visitor telling her about how Hierro’s little wooden shed had been found burnt down and had reason to believe he had perished as a result. Hierro’s wife was grief stricken and went to the City to live with her parents.

Hierro continues to this daysrving the ancient rainforest nurturing and protecting it. The tribe keeps increasing as more men like Hierro come to damage and wage war against it.

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