Cloaked behind the veil

What’s beyond this illusory life

It’s something cloaked in mystery,

It’s something we cannot define

For its beyond our state of mind.

I am sure it maybe a state of euphoric bliss,

Something akin to the perfect wish,

To live in a place of inner peace

And unconditional love.

A place where everything just flows

And we have learnt to let go,

Where angels have no fear to tread,

Because we have transcended beyond death,

Where the light shines on us righteously

And we all feel so much virtuously,

Better than we have ever been

Living beyond original sin,

Where being immortal spirit beings

Reminds us that we are energy living,

In vessels of our created self,

Created and painted straight from the palette on which we settle,

To be creative in our art form from

A flawed masterpiece to be undone,

For being human only lasts for a short time,

Having to endure the grind.

But there are lessons there to be learnt

Along the way in a life hard earned,

Being a spiritual energy beings

Hidden behind a cloaked veil,

Which is full of amazement

And full of wonder,

Yet to imagine it would rip our mind asunder,

Unless done through a mindful astral state

Where we have let every aspect of us fade away,

So that we are back to our light particle waves,

Which enables pure knowledge to be absorbed by the mind,

The subconscious not the brain

Because nothing is real in our physical state,

Far from where we originate,

In this mystical and multiverse place,

Where nothing truly ever awesome dissapates.

Via:Daily Prompt: Cloaked

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