Dont succumb to the dark veil

I won’t succumb to the dark veil

I will endeavour until I fail,

I won’t be the victim,

I won’t be weak,

I will be the light that I seek,

For salvation and transcendence,

Is an individual act,

The best way to react,

In the face of the dark and unholy demons,

Is to be good of heart

And of impeccable intentions,

I don’t think once I ever mentioned,

It would be easy to bring about a change,

No other way can we hope to stand against

Those who make life fearful

And echoing doubt,

Change of self is what it’s all about,

We have to hope that others choose to do the same,

This is the only way things can ever change,

No force can be applied to make things go your way.

So don’t succumb to the dark veil

Endeavour until you fail,

Stand strong

And we will learn to travail,

Every aspect of life and it’s terrain,

As time after time we learn through lessons, to change,

In something more resembling what will make

Humanity a more deserving human race

And maybe you will follow me,

And do the same yourself

And change for the right reasons

Which are based on spiritual thoughts and not of wealth.

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