Last train

Lauren and Tyler entered the train. It was the last tube train if the night and was pretty much deserted as was the station. The Northern line was one of the oldest lines and always had that old bygone feeling about it. Mornington Crescent was not the most glamouress of these stations and neither were quite sure how they ended up there. Still they were glad when the last tube arrived as they thought they had missed it. Lauren was a short slim dark haired woman with a quirky sense of style, Tyler was tall lean black hair which hung on to the line of his eyebrow and shaved at the sides and into the neck. His style was drainpipe black jeans, a blue shirt a crew neck jumper with a blazer type jacket in dark blue. As the sat on the train and felt it pull away they both chatted about the nights events of dining and drinking with other friends. As they chatted the lights flicked and stopped their conversation. The noise of the train was a din as usual but they noticed the speed seemed unusually fast. The tunnel also seemed endless. Tyler looked at Lauren who seemed concerned but smiled as if to reassure him. He took Lauren by the hand, ‘come on let’s move forward and see if there is anyone else on here’, Lauren agreed and they made their way through the connecting doors until they reached the front. Lauren keep looking back, ‘is it me, or is it unusual for there to be nobody on here? And we gave yet to go through any other stations.’ Tyler shared her concern and tried the driver compartment door. To his amazement it opened. Tyler stepped into the cab and Lauren followed. No driver. Both Lauren and Tyler were taken aback. The door slammed shut behind them, Lauren tried opening it but to no avail. Tyler meanwhile was trying to stop the train using the deadmans handle but nothing was responding. As they both stared into the darkness in front of them. It seemed limitless, eternal, then suddenly a bright light dazzled their vision and an explosion as they burst into a brightly golden lit station. Which had glossy marbled floors brightly lit white and gold trimmed walls and golden bench seats. As the train stopped they exited the drivers cab onto the platform. Looking confused they looked around for somebody, anybody. At that moment somebody appeared. A tall man of Mediterranean appearance but with an impeccable English accent. ‘Welcome, please do not worry I know this must be disconcerting but everything is alright.’ Tyler was first to speak, ‘ where are we? This is not the Northern line. What’s going on?’ The man smiled sympathetically, ‘you were both involved in an accident. You were sitting outside a Cafe when a vehicle ran into the Cafe. Your friends survived but you both were hit head on. Killed instantly. Why do you think neither of you remember getting to the station you boarded the train. If you think about it what was the last thing you remember.’ Tears were now streaming down Laurens cheeks as she kept repeating over and over, ‘no, no, no!’, Tyler grabbed the man by his fine cream suit lapels, ‘is this some kind of sick joke? Where are we?’ The man calmly removed Tyler’s hands with ease. He pointed to an exit. Lauren grabbed hold of Tyler’s waist and gripped at his jacket, Tyler put his arm around Laurens shoulders and hugged her close. As they walked through the arched exit they witnessed a myriad of lights and stars as well as colours. There ready to greet them was everyone they had ever known and lost. As they looked to each other they realised now their solid forms had gone. They were now spirits in a spiritual cosmic realm of multiverse dimensions. They had travelled their final journey from mortality to spirit. They were both instantly overwhelmed by love and peace and drifted off into the arms of their lost loved ones.

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