Sacrilegious life

There are many things I’ve seen

I’ve borne witness to so many sins

I’ve heard the cry of the forlorn

And seen the bodies that were torn

From life itself splattered in blood

As if it isn’t quiet enough

To know the pain and suffering

Of endless tortured rumblings

Carried on the winds of tormenting

And sacrificed on the fledgling

Belief that all is mitigating

The good the bad the duality

The light the dark of conscious reality

I’ve heard it said and know the truth

That only in spirituality

The answers to the conundrum

Of life can ever be answered

In rhymes and rhythms of the drums

That resound through our the universal caverns

In the depths of darkened interstellar realms

Brightened with a cosmic tale to tell

Of spirits and of angels

Of demons and of devils

Of conquering the abstract mind

That us so abject by design

That it can’t easily be defined

Save for seeing the crepuscular signs

That lead to the eternal ever after life

Of what us above, so is below

And the sacrilegious life that us unknown.

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