Open your eyes don’t bury your head

As the mushroom cloud is rising

Humanity is dying

You day you don’t want to hear this

But you do nothing to fix it

You say please no more ranting

No fear mongering or tantrums

But as a rebel with a cause

I’ve no need to hear applause

Whatever it takes to make you

Take notice of the issues

I simply must do

So as to get through to you

You bury your head in the sand

And you play your mobile phone games

That are designed to distract an nullify you

Into passivity subdued

You ignore all the issues

And you avoid the news

You don’t want to hear any views

That may upset or disturb you

So millions of people suffer

And earth and humanity dies

Simply Because you hold your breath

And close your fucking eyes

To what is real and perilous in our lives.

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