God help humanity

When Jesus walked into the temples

And he saw the money men there

And when he saw all of the riches

He threw them all out in the street without a care

He saw the poor as the priority

And seen as money had corrupted

Those who stated that they were acting

In the name of God.

I wonder what he would make of society today

So transfixed on the money

And trying hard to make life pay

I think he would be appalled and ashamed

How little life is worth or valued today

It’s all about the riches now and all about the fame

God help humanity to change

Or are we flawed by default

To always be this way

Where we are judged on status

And how much money you earn

Or on your fame

In a messed up society today.

1 thought on “God help humanity

  1. Some people have been proud of creating this as they did so. They opened the gates of hell and still wouldn’t accept it when their own children fell to what they helped to unleash

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