It’s all absurd

Everybody knows it’s absurd

Nobody’s impeccable with their words,

People repeat the same old tired trite

While neglecting others rights,

They just keep on about material gain

And when things go wrong they’re never to blame,

It seems life has become twisted this way

It’s a fake society that’s on display.

Selfies, fake tans, fake body image

Work on the body

But not on that mind,

Instagram picture of the perfect succulent behind

But pretty fucking vacant within the mind,

This seems to have become the sign of the times,

Where inspirational thinking,

Blows everybody’s mind

In a world where everybody seems to be blind,

To the issues in the world happening today

And many say my poetry don’t sell today,

Because it’s far to much of a rant and rave

But actually they are love poems in their way,

Because they speak from a position of love,

About the earth and humanity today

And how it’s all heading towards decay

And that we should recognise this as our shame,

For we’ve only one planet so let’s protect it today

And we’ve only this life now so let’s define it in a way,

That we can be proud of when in our graves,

Waiting for reincarnation to come and take us away,

To play a different role

In a different game,

In another universe faraway.

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