What’s the solution

We live in a society

Where people are crumbling down

And they barely make a sound,

There are people living out there rough on the streets

They have no voice to speak,

There are others working each day

Struggling in all ways ready simply to break,

What’s the solution

Do we need a mental revolution.

There seems to be so many people

Psychologically hurt,

By life and barely able to breathe

And so many others disintegrating

What’s happening to human beings,

So many have lost sight of their identity

Don’t know even what gender to be.

What’s the solution,

Do we need a mental revolution.

I find for one, that we need to hold on

And stop grasping for things that in life,

Don’t really matter, that are illusory

That seek to define who you are,

Feminine or masculine

It matters not,

We are a combination of both of these things,

Your identity is not what others see or perceive,

It’s what you are within

And you have to know that yourself

And learn to love that,

Knowing your perfect yet flawed,

That duality is not hypocrisy

You can be both and more,

We need to focus our living on going within,

Stop seeking external pleasures

And we need to stop expecting so much,

Stop putting too much pressure upon ourselves,

What’s the solution,

Do we need a mental revolution.

Life should be lived in the present moment it’s true,

Don’t let the past ever define you

And don’t worry what the future will bring

What happens will happen in truth,

Just live to be kind, caring and share,

The love, the peace and the light,

Find comfort in mindful meditational bliss

And you may find life easier in which to exist,

Whats the solution,

Maybe we need a mental revolution.

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