Self imposed captivity

We are trapped in an iĺlusion

That we are free and in control

But free and in control of what?

Our own captivity?

We are the guards that keep our own souls

Incarcerated in a cell,

Dreaming of a freedom

But with no one else to tell,

Through fear of being seen as crazy

But think for a moment or two,

Is not living life this way, a whole lot crazy too,

Living to please others and hoping they all like you,

Living to be accepted and appreciated too,

We are not really different from animals in a zoo

But at least the animals know they are captive

And that there is nothing they can do

But in our self delusion with this self created illusion

We deny to ourselves that we are in self imposed captivity

And that we are are own prison guards

Denying ourselves the key,

To escape this self imposed confinement

Denying ourselves the chance to be free,

So wrapped up in domestication

And this world of illusory,

We forgotten who we once were

Forgotten our own identity,

We think we can control, own and live outside of creations rules,

And this is now whats defining human beings as such fools,

We have to learn to fit back in

Learn to reintegrate,

Fit back in to Gaia

A link back in the chain

And stop trying to destroy our home,

Because that is beyond stupid

And totally insane.

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