Storm front

What else can we expect

Nothing more,

Nothing less,

Within a world

Of turmoil and mess,

Where dark clouds

From dark storms a mass,

On horizons from dawn to dusk,

More frequently than we have ever seen,

Do you still think climate change

As just make believe,

As the storms roll in

And the winds with titanic fury gusts

And waves from the tempestuous seas smash seafront,

As the rain lashes down in sheets that in turn,

Transform streets in to rivers as the drains overflow

And we suffer floods, destruction and more

And on the news the talk and echoes of nuclear war

And meanwhile half a world away

A bomb goes off and people are killed and maimed,

Are the storms a natural phenomenon,

Or are they cause by machines built by science

For greedy corporation’s and governments,

Or has nature just decided it has had too much

And humanity is due to be crushed

Under the weight of the storms,

Or nuclear doom

We can make our future be of salvation or doom

But its up to us and it’s time to decide,

Fight back or just let it all slide

But as more storm clouds darken our skies,

As we prepare for another primordial reprise,

From nature in all is forceful, powerful, strength,

Reducing down the light

And beauty that on Earth we know exists,

Will we continue to exploit and damage it,

Or choose to start to nurture it and find a fix.

Via: Daily Prompt: Expect

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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