The curse

Cursed it seems to walk this Earth

Reciting poetry, stories and verse,

In a hope that the message will get through

About love, peace, kindness and unyielding truth,

But a curse it is as too few choose to hear

Too few have an open mind and ear

So frustration boils from within

But still he can do nothing

But keep going

Warning of dangers to humanity and Earth

Time and again he feels the dearth

Of people listening or caring at all

Will not hear about how humanity could fall

Off of the precipice it teeters on

Can not see all of it’s blatant wrongs

Too filled with a superior complex about self

And self indulged with accumulating wealth

And though the words of the poems, stories and verses

Try to awaken the consciousness

He knows what the curse is

It’s a futile endeavour in a world full of sheep

Happy to follow anyone who rises up to lead

And offer them riches, offer them gold

In return for selling their soul

By allowing domestication and indoctrination

To conquer their being heart, mind and soul

So they are like the walking dead

Just going through the motions

Lacking positive but increasing negitive emotions

But on and on he spreads the message all the same

In a hope that one day it will bring about change

And a paradigm shift may soon occur

And humanity can focus on healing it’s self and the Earth

And in that moment it would have broken the curse

And the poems, stories and all of the verses

Will focus on how we can transcend

And become enlightened

Because the world is no longer full of people who live in fear

And just too frightened

To oppose this who domesticated and oppress

But we are a world away from it yet.

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