Good love

Silk, lace, cotton thoughts

Emotions I find fraught

Thoughts if you drive me insane

Reverberate about my brain

And the things you do

When I am not with you

You tell me the tales of the fun and games

And how they make you feel sensual and erotic again

And images flash through

Frame by frame

Of you enjoying love

Of you not getting enough

Of what it is you love to do

Something I can’t give it’s true

But I still love you

And I I know you love me too

So what I give is you the freedom

What I give is the space to express yourself

And I appreciate you tell me all

For there are no secrets at all

Raveged as you often are from bar to car under the stars

Its amazing how beautiful you are

With your wings spread so you can fly

Rather than locked up in a cage

Of a holy matrimonial state

That suffocates

Breeds bitterness and often hate

I’ve no wish to eviscerate you

Instead I am happy knowing all you do

Gives you so much please

Doing all you want what ever

That’s our love

That’s good love

And it works for us.

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