Crystal clear vision

Crystal clear vision

Viewed through cracks

Of a broken mirror,

The perception of what life’s about

Comes from seeking to realise our dream,

The opening of the conscious mind into reality,

Shatters the illusory and furthers our enlightening,

Breaks the chains of domestication

Instilled in us since birth,

And allows for the transcendent state

To finally begin

And see us become one with all of creation

And instead of living a life of tempestuous rough seas,

Through a state of bliss and grace

We now become a smoothe flowing stream

And everytime there’s a ripple going through our life

We let it ebb and flow

And keep the tranquillity in place

Then speeding our wings of angelic light,

We will rise and fly away

And through letting go of all attachment

We will discover the spiritual place

That we regard as our Shambhala

That place of peace and love.

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