Delve deeper within

Empower the spirit

Unleash the mind

Go within and the answers you will find

It has become a trait to neglect the inner truth

To many people seeking external proof

In a world built on illusion

We end up in confusion

We seek solace in the material

Yet that just leaves us cold.

Companionship and friendship

Keeps you warm when you are old.

Neglect the spirit

Abandon the soul

And you end up just a shell

Empty and hollow

Because consciousness lays deep

Within our source code

Created by our energy

That survives all of our tomorrow’s

And long after our final breath

As this self created individual

And will remain there in our rebirth

Into our new life

And remain their dormant in our programming

There for us to find

If we learn to delve within our soul

And deep within our mind

But because of domestication and distraction

As beings we are blind to this truth.

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