I was not inspired by you

And that’s the truth,

I was inspired inspite of you,

What you said and did

In honest truth was so cruel,

We were like fire and the fuel,

I ignited you and you burned brightly,

Yet gave nothing back

Not even slightly,

I fuelled everything you did

I raised you up and helped you shine bright

But in return you did nothing for me

Just simply took all I did for granted,

So I am walking away

Leaving you on your own,

See how you get on now

Then let me know,

If you still burned as bright

All through the night,

Or did you just fizzle out

And end in burnt out embers,

A once bright light

Never to be remembered,

And all because you took me for granted

And all because you couldn’t be kind,

All you are is a user,

All you do is mess with my mind,

So I decided not to choose you

To live off all I do,

I decided that are many out there

Who would appreciate me more than you do.

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