Rough life

Casualties of a society

That lacks the caring morality

That is willing to leave

People sleeping rough on the street

There nothing advanced

Or progressive about a society

That cannot find a solution to this.

Many of these people are victims of mental health issues

Many of these found themselves in hard times

That saw them spiralling Down

Many of them are youngsters

Simply trying to escape abuse

Sadly some of them are there victims of that abuse

None of these truly want to be there

They’ve simply nowhere else to go

Many of them are lost so deep

In the worst kind of sorrow

So tell me how we neglect these souls

They range from very young to very old

Many will perish this winter due to the cold

We need to care a lot more and break the mold

For this is more than a sad story needing to be told

For many it’s a way of existing

And the difference between

Dying and living.

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