The love between us

If I love you as much as I can

Will you love me back in the same way

If I fill your heart with my love light

Would you swear a vow to treat it right

If I raise you up so that you shine

Will you resonate love through your conscious mind

And join me in a place of universal love

Among the stars above.

Will you honour me as I honour you

Will you share the love and the truth

Will you agree to share fealty with me as I will swear it to you.

Will you cherish me as I cherish you

The only answer I need is the truth

If this is something you can’t do

That’s fine I will respect you and that’s the truth

Just don’t lie and say something that you don’t mean

To love unconditionally is everything

I am not saying become attached to me

We both should always be free.

But we can love each other this much

And we can swear this level of truth

Without feeling we own each other

I just want us to truly love each at the highest frequency.

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