The struggle of creating a masterpiece

When you are writing

You are grasping and reaching

With every sinew of your mental faculty

Every ounce of your conscious and literary ability

To find those perfect words

To construct that memorable sentence

To complete that awesome masterpiece

That will define you through your art and creativity

That will raise you up in euphoria

Until you next pick up your pen.

That stomachs churning, gut wrenching,

Brain draining, act of mental and almost physical exertion

That leaves you so worn

And so frustrated and exasperated

As you strive for the perfection

To justify all the time and energy spent

Reaching out to the universe For inspiration

And that moment of that epiphany that blows the minds

Of all that read it.

That’s what makes writing so important to those who do it

That is the agony and the pain is about

And when we discover that perfect word

To construct that memorable sentence

That completes the awesome masterpiece

That is when we realise

That it was indeed worth all of those excitations

And achieved those self imposed expectations

So that in that moment we can bask in that glory

For just that moment before we go again.

I for one am still waiting on that moment

But knowing this as I do

I live in hope of fulfilling that expectation

That moment spent basking

But until then I keep on trying

And will never give up or give in.

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