She liked dancing

Black Women Art! : Photo


She liked dancing

and she knew just how to move,

slightly sexy, sensual

and rude but not too crude,

she had eyes watching,

her seductive moves,

there were men and women who,

watched her ability to groove,

slide on over and dance with her

she offered them open invitations,

for those who liked to join her in a dance

and maybe even a chance,

to get to know her little bit more,

she liked to get real close

and use her body more than her words,

to communicate.

She had her way of leading men and women astray,

she didn’t see gender,

she only saw energy and spirits on display

and she loved to play,

in a sensual and seductive way

she loved the game,

dirty dancing the night away,

and was never short of those who would look

to embrace her in that game,

she loved dancing,

she loved the rhythm,

she loved dancing,

and all the body contact that she could give it,

she loved to dance and loved to live it,

fit amazing body and sexy with it,

dressed to kill in tight revealing clothes no frills,

she loved the attention, loved the feel,

of eyes on her body as she moved and grooved,

she was always in the mood,

she loved dancing,

she loved the rhythm,

she loved dancing,

and so she danced her nights away,

and will do to the end of her days

Because she loved dancing.

Via: Daily Prompt: Dancing


Image courtesy of Pinterest


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