The grief process

Grief is a stage of life

We will all experience at some time

But grief is as an emotion capable of healing

When the time is right

But grief as a process does not have to be sad

Does not need to be negative

It does not have to make you mad

Grief signifies a letting go

Of something or someone you once loved and had

But now maybe is gone

Yet all this means is life is in transition

That you are like that which you’ve lost

On a new kind of mission

It’s the ending of one story

And a moving on to the next

Teaching us attachment

Is not always for the best.

Love unconditionally with your heart and soul

But always be prepared to let go

When the time comes

Know when to release

Allow whatever you lose to go in peace

There is nothing wrong spending some time in grief

But do it with love and light and you will see

The positive nature of transitioning

Nothing created ever truly dies

That’s an illusion

For energy can never die it’s eternal

And that’s a fact

Grief is anotherstage of life’s acts.

So when the curtain goes down on something or someone you love

Be moved but but be hopeful

And care enough but know all things will heal

And will continue on

So remain in the light and always keep strong.

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