When we surrender to the universe and consciously reality we open ourselves to endless possibilities of ancient foretold prophecies and a multitude of opportunities within the cosmic serenity of multiverse dreams and transdimensional scenes that coalesce with spirituality and chakra efficiency that heals the world through the belief that surrendering to the universe and conscious reality opens us up to unconditional love and all its opportunities.

5 thoughts on “Surrender

    1. Depends on what the chaos is I guess. A lot of chaos is can be designed and defined in our own conscious mind And so detatching from that by surrendering the thoughts you create can stop the chaos. Other chaos brought by others we need to not get caught up in. Sometimes that means surrendering the attachments of those around us.

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      1. Not knowing the situation makes hard to comment but generally we can be the creators of our ow chaos by who we allow to have influence or control over us or by our own thoughts.

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