Unplanned rendezvous

He clasped her hands behind her back, she arched back slightly pushing her breasts towards his chest, he bent his head and buried his head in her heavenly delightful breast and kissed them and felt her soft skin as he thought how this did begin an unplanned rendezvous in the darkened hallway and saw her in her eyes an ache and now as he felt her succumb heard her murmurs as she became undone, they now shared this moment of love. He felt her leg lift and wrap around his waist and followed her thigh and traced it under her clothes, made adjustments to what was underneath, with his one hand Clasping both of hers behind she was futile to deny. He adjusted he clothes trousers opening them up, then penetrated her with his love, she moaned she implored for more and more, he opened up her lust hidden behind a closed door, he was gentle at times and brutish at times both drove her out of her mind, he took her to a place beyond speech, as her took her hard right to her peak and when finished she kissed him passionate and lovingly but out of the shadows out of what his eyes could see a man well dressed applauded them both, smiled and raised a glass in toast, slide his arm round what turned out to be his wife and walked off into the night, she threw him back a smile over her shoulder as well as a kiss and then watched as they both vanished.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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