Lost in the riff

I get hooked on musical riffs

Anarcho punk riffs,

Nirvana riff,

grunge riffs,

Blink 182 riffs,

I love music with riffs like this,

Riffs that contain a bit of grit,

I can lost in music like this,

Filling my subconscious mind

When it’s not playing I still hear it.

Then there are times when I need peace,

Then there are times I need solitude,

Its the duality of living

One moment I want to rip it up and tear it down,

The next moment I want absolutely no sound,

Thats just me,

I want music to rock me,

With its rhythms and it’s riffs

It inspires me,

Yet the place of solitude is special place to be,

Languishing in bliss and meditating,

Balanced me

That’s how I see me,

Balanced between chaos and anarchy,

Yet always in touch with spiritual divinity,

Judge me,

I don’t care,

Music means everything to me I swear.

Via:Daily Prompt: Riff

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