Let her love flow

She was dubious but she gave it ago

and did what her husband said

and let her love flow

with a guy who made advances down the road

she took her time and took it slow

but her husband who spent time away

said it was not fair she was alone most days

and to have a friend who could fill in

and give her some sensual healing

lead her to deciding to give it a go

and when she decided no more go slow

she invited him around and laid the ground

told him the arrangements and if he still wanted to know

she was up for a being physical friends

but she would not leave her husband

and that’s the understanding they struck up

and they both went with the flow

and she enjoyed it more than she could never have known

and her husband was fine to let her love flow

he was not the jealous type and was free of ego

he cared and he loved her very much

and wanted he to experience a loving physical touch

when he was not there and it worked out well

it’s amazing how things work out for some

it seems you can never tell.


Via: Daily Prompt: Dubious

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