The beast within

She found the beast within

And the taste for his skin

She felt the passion inside

She had a hunger that she could not deny

He never stood a real chance

Once she had him in her sights

She decided she would devour him that night

His voice rang out but nobody could hear

As she set about him it was clear

That she was addicted to his taste

She drank his essences

He was helpless and totally defenceless

She found a beast within

That craved devouring

Anyone who caught her eye

They became her victim

When she was done

And she had left him as just a shell

She spotted the next one

The very next day

And she was pretty and a beautiful display

With no idea she had become now her new prey

There is beast on the prowl

Feasting on the good souls

There’s a beast on the prowl

She wants the taste for spiritual

That she had never known.

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