Wars for the rich

The boots stomp

As they march of to war,

In their khaki uniforms

I am not sure they know what their fighting for,

Been sold the dream

Of fighting for God, country and Queen,

It’s all so fake it’s quite obscene,

As they die in battle for government

And for corporate greed.

Young men giving up their lives

Thinking they are fighting a good fight,

Blank out the enemy on the other side,

Soldier or terrorist they’ve been sold the same lies

And it all ends with blood spilt

And the bodies they lay dead still,

Cut down in their prime,

Just another humanitarian crime

And you ask me would I die?

Would I lay down my life?

For my country that would not die for me,

The answers no I respect all life,

And will always avoid taking sides,

Especially in these fake wars,

Wars without a genuine cause,

I won’t die for oil, for gold, or for water

And I don’t think anyone ought to,

Just to make the one percent richer,

I won’t end up a corpse in a ditch for you,

You cannot even tell the truth,

That wars are fought to benefit you.

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