Humdrum life

Their relationship had become stale

and their conversations droll,

she needed more affection

but he was like a man without a soul.

What to do, she thought and came up

with a little plan,

she would contact and invite around

another more affectionate man.

Then when he came home one evening

he walked in to their lustful display,

saw her getting all the affection

that she said she craved,

well when they were done after the longest time,

she sat her husband down

and explained the reason why

she had invited the man around,

her husbands eyes seemed now like they possessed a spark

of excitement within them deep

and it turned out it shook him a wake

from the day to day routine

and the conversation flowed between them

and that night had so much fun,

it turns out he needed something

more than just the boring humdrum

and both of them agreed that this could continue

for it was really fun

and now she was assured that more affection was certain to come

and he felt sure that life was no longer going to be one of boredom.


Via: Daily Prompt: Droll

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