Jungle life

In the jungle of life

we fight daily for survival,

if we get knocked down

we have to find our form of revival,

or else we will never get back up again

and then for us that will be the end game.

The law of the jungle is a harsh mistress

but if we work together we can get through it

but more often than not we find ourselves divided and alone,

caused by our own fear of the unknown,

instilled within us by other folk.

The only way we can hope to succeed

is forming groups and combining in unity and harmony,

working together casting light

to find our way through this jungle at night,

avoiding the predators who prey on our souls

defining and achieving targets and goals,

that may help us transform and help us evolve

and hopefully make us braver and bold,

enough to grow stronger and allow us to flow,

through this life of struggle in the jungle of life

but constantly knowing we will never get out of it alive.

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