Never nothing

The clock melts

And time dissolves,

Like my memories

One day they’ll go,

I sit in rooms

Empty and bland,

These are times

I may never understand,

Just mirror all around me

Reflecting all I can see

And my first thought is,

There is nothing to see,

Truth is there is never nothing

Even in an empty void

There’s still a vacuum,

There’s always something

If you tune in,

If you let our conscious reality

Flow free,

Then you will see

Amazing things,

That creation and the universe brings,

Its not a trick of the mind,

The trick is you are blind,

You need to open up

Your third eye,

Its not a lie

And when you open up

You will see everything,

You will see that

There’s no point

In doubting anymore.

There is never nothing,

There is always something,

That’s the true reality

When you let go of the illusory,

You see how vivid and wondrous life

Truly is when you peel back the veil from across your eyes

And reveals the truth hidden behind the lies.

3 thoughts on “Never nothing

  1. “Does the future gently bloom like a flower?
    In our memories, what do we see of unfinished dreams?

    The warmth of your hand in mine
    How do I protect this happiness
    I want to know the answer

    Don’t say anything
    Let time take away everything
    My heart holds on to the everlasting memories you gave me

    These irreplaceable bonds
    Are why we live for others.” -Misia “Kioku”

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