I shall eat your demons

Let me eat your demons

And feast upon your fear

Take away you anger

Wipe away your tears

I will eviscerate your pain

Remove self doubt

That drives you insane

Then cleanse your very being

And open up your heart

And fill it full of self love

Open one door to the future

Shut the other door on the past.

3 thoughts on “I shall eat your demons

  1. Reblogged this on Kid of Gaia’s homepage and blog and commented:
    Beautyy. I want to be like this to people all the time! Would it become to intense? Hah. It’s so hard sometimes when in certain places ego gets triggered n then im being like,, oookeeee let’s just talk of the weather n stuff u know. Ahhh but this is beautiful! And when some time in the future getting a partner wish the other one to be like this to me😍 so beautiful and so pure. Let us accept each other as we are n evolve together as consciousness on a human excperience aaa b e a u t y ~~~~~~

    Liked by 1 person

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