Universal dream

She sat obliquely on a shooting star

travelling distances afar

in darkened voids of anonymity

hidden among gaseous nebulae screens

and passing by a myriad of galaxies

her hair waves and trails behind

she rides the star like a charger racing

both legs astride no contemplating

anything else but what is ahead

what is behind has been left.

She sparkles with iridescent filigree

while raising cries of cosmic glee

she feels wild and fully free

slaloming between meteorites and planets

racing asteroids and being drawn to black holes like a magnet

she wont be drawn to close though her understanding

is they are like portals to different dimensions

and multiverses to many to mention

she is the cosmic queen of the galaxies

so beautiful, strong and yet serene

I see her sometimes in my dreams

and hope one day as a spirit we will then meet.

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