Feast on me

Throw me down among the shattered wreckage of life,

Abuse my body through the days and all the nights,

Infect my brain with your infernal desires and lust,

Take me every way and as often as you like

And feast on me

And dine on my quivering body

And feast on me

Leaving me in a state of trauma,

All I can smell is your aroma,

Leave me in a chaotic state

In this dark cold fetid place,

With just a memory of your hungry face,

As you feasted on me,

You used and abused

Every aspect of my body

But you never touched my spirit,

And never tasted my soul,

You never broke into my heart

It remains cold

And now that I am alone

I feel my being start to dissolve

And by the time you return

I will be gone.

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