The domesticated servant

I knew this woman as plain as could be

Would never have guessed her mystery

She would knit up a storm

While she sat in the warm

She would cook up a feast

That would fill a hungry beast

She would clean round the house

She was hygienically proud

She was the most domesticated woman

You would ever meet

But the lights went out and she was free

Home would come her husband

And she was always ready to please

Saucy lingerie and tight little dress

That could hold in her breast.

She turned into an insatiable seat nymph

That others would have call slut

But this ain’t true because what she it’s all for love

It’s only for her husband

And she gives him the full works

Blows his mind and gratifies

That how she sees her role as his wife.

Then in the morning

No more fishnets

No tight dress

Just a prim and proper respectable lady

Of who would expect nothing less

But behind close doors

And when the lights go out

She’s like an animal sharing lust

And husband is the most satisfied man

Who loves her so much

A cook in the kitchen

The cleaner of the house

A domesticated servant

Without any doubt

She cooks and cleans but in the bedroom

She act the whore to the extreme

And it works because they both know it’s fantasy

But which side of her is her true reality.

(At the end of it all he gets a nice scarf).

Via: Daily Prompt : Knit

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