Crisp December day

It’s a crisp December

And the frost covers the ground

It chills you to the bone

And eerily there’s no sound

Creatures hibernating

I wish that I was too

On this crisp December morning

The thought of being close to you

Warms my heart and my soul

I wish that I was at home

In the comfort of our place

Put our affections on display

In front a warm log fire

Drinking some wine

This is the way I’d like be spending my time.

Though I am drawn to this morning

And footprints that I see

Dotted across the path

Signifies a small creatures feet

Intricate patterns that dance as if on a dance floor

I feel the cold a little more.

Walking along my way I see

Holly with their reveries on display

Little Robin Red Breast pecks away

Nature like this always catches my eye each day

But it cannot take away the thought of you

Even if I tried or wanted it too

I see my breath in puffs of cold steam

And wish I was still lost in our dream.

Now it hurts so much

Knowing you have gone

Lost my true soul love

And on this crispest of day

I remember how you slipped away

And now I am on my own, so to say

But your always in my memories and you will never fade

And I wait for when we will meet again

Maybe it will be on a crisp December day.

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