Glide on filigree wings


She soared on filigree wings

With her heart light shining

With her eyes wide open

Looking down on the verdancy

Of lush green forests and rolling hills

The beautiful blue, green hues of rivers and seas

Witnessing creatures lope across the plains

Watching whales and dolphins

Break water time and again

And as she glides upon these wings

She smiles, laughs and softly sings

At all these amazing things

Like a wondrous daydream

Then as she watches the sunset go down

The oranges, pinks the purples pleasing to the eye

Spectacular background as she passes by

And then as night begins to enfold

The moon shines brightly ancient and old

She swoops in incandescently

Joining stars like dot to dot

Tracing the Big Dipper

And then the Plough

Astronomically she is a wow!

And as it times to land now

Back in her bed a smile spread over her face

No farrow etched upon her brow

Just a radiant light that makes her glow

This journey which set her spirit truly free

And left her with memories to eternally keep

As she resumed her peaceful restful sleep.

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