It’s like a zoo in here

It’s like a zoo in here

a menagerie of chaos

and it’s patently clear

that the cackles and the squawks

instill such fear

to the background of roaring

and the faces that lear

through our television screens

of those who are in control

and those of the media

support their role

and from every angle

I am told what to do

told how to think

in this human zoo

where we are kept

in captivity within our class

don’t get to many ideas

that just may surpass

the level of what it is we let you do

you are free up to a limit

but just try and extend yourself

then you will find beyond a certain point

your’e hampered

your’e held in place

tied by what was once chain

but is now red tape

I cannot breathe

it’s so suffocating

is life meant to be one of provecation

because telling ma my status

and telling me my station

and then making it clear

that is where I will stay

not good enough to move up

then you’ve found a way

to provoke a response from me

because I know I can be

anything that I decide to be

and running disturbance getting in my way

is going to have to end

because one day the downtrodden

will one day rise up and get brave

and claim their rightful place within this zoo.




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