I need to wash my being

I need to wash my being

In the waters that cleanse the mind

I need to find the time to get back

To meditation to train my mind

I need to focus on the basic of spirituality

Stop letting everyone and everything get to me

I need to cleanse my being again

I need to learn not to take anything to heart

Learn that everyday is a start

Of new opportunities and hope

I have not let others place their issues on me

That baggage I really don’t need

But will help them anyway I can.

I need to get back to controlling what I think

And realise it’s easy to overthink the small things

And let them get me down

I need to stop wondering if I’d be better of out

Of this life that’s plagued with self doubt

And stop believing I am not good enough.

I need to wash my being

In the waters that cleanses the mind

I need to fight for what I want

And what I need

And understand nothing will get handed to me

I have to root myself in self love and in self belief

No matter what anybody else thinks or says about me.

7 thoughts on “I need to wash my being

  1. Shine ON, Fauxcroft, have a Song like this: “…Let the water run, let the water wash out, ALL thoughts from my mind, I need only ONE–How to keep the Image, image of achievement on the Top of the Palace, palace called my Mind! …~ You, like? I’ll post it soon on my Blog hope to hear your insights, LOVE YOU! ~ ~ ~

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