Change starts with you inside

Change won’t happen on the front line

Change won’t happen in a blinkered mind

Change won’t happen while you’re taking sides

Change can only happen with you inside.

To bring about change we need to start with ourselves

And we have stop about change and differences

In everybody else

We have be honest and self critical

Do we takes sides and then build walls

When we need to see everyone’s point of view

And use intellect to demonstrate

Who’s argument progresses us the most

There is no progression when violence is on show

Forcing your views and bully boy tactics

And armed intervention shows you know that you are wrong

If it is the only way for you to win the day.

Change has start with each and every one of us

But to change we have to see and understand the problem first

To much negativity, animosity and hate

To much recrimination and oppression from the state

To many wars, murder and death

It seems our humanity is bereft

Of positivity, love and compassion

Seems we think that wanting peace is weak

We have not evolved since the warlike ancient ages

Technologies improved but our thoughts and actions betray us

We are still to rival, tribal, xenophobic people

Who cannot coexist because we don’t accept people’s differences

If we are ever truly to change

We need to throw our domesticated thinking away

And open ourselves to positivity every day.

Embrace change

2 thoughts on “Change starts with you inside

  1. This is all very true.. change is bound to happen.. Good or bad.. There is only so much we can embrace and go against the grain… At one time… Progression and change takes time…. I worry that in our time.. That we no longer posses the patience to allow change to take effect.. Too much rapid change can lead us down the same path as not enough…

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