Our universe is ubiquitous

Because it is a product of our conscious mind,

Many people have switched off this understanding

Preferring to believe in the illusory,

Instead of seeing the truth of their conscious reality.

The energy we are formed from is eternal, everlasting,

The Buddhists understand this

Which is why they don’t fear passing,

They know that reincarnation reflects the impermanence of life

So to avoid future suffering they choose live life right,

Quantum physics even supports the facts

The Buddhist wheel of life says you are coming back,

Until you learn the lessons and live a good life

You can choose to ease your suffering

Along with your strife.

Awaken your inner consciousness

Open up your eyes,

Open up your being

And expand your mind,

Understand what’s omniscient is actually you,

Because it’s your conscious mind that creates all you think and do.

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