All that divides

Divides keep increasing everyday

shows of different gender displays

so men act disgracefully and misbehave

and have given reason to separate that we are all

sharing the same race and genetic code

we share the masculine/feminine traits also

so why keep trying to find ways to divide.

Cultural misappropriation this is a new one on me

if it’s not disrespectful then why should it be

we use this as another tool to divide

if we coexist and except our roles as being

all one of the same tribe

then why is it wrong to share the rich cultures

that show that we may understand and care

about how others live

as long as we gather the understanding of the faith

and culture that goes with it.

I am going off of my head

it’s driving me insane

so many different ways to divide

new rules in our society each and every day

we have become so PC due to fractional minorities

looking to claim the left wing/right wing ground

to accumulate power

well do as you like but leave ordinary people out.

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