Heal and unite

The rich and powerful men

Have seen themselves taken down a peg

They are now realising actions that they do

Has a consequence and that the positions they abused

Are now coming back on them

What made the older fat white men

Think that it was OK to harass and assault women.

As a consequence though all men are tarnished

We can’t say it wasn’t me it seems

It sounds apparently like we are copping out

But this is not true I have never had any doubt

That putting unwanted moves on women

Is not acceptable

Is not the right thing to do or way to act.

So in a world of such increasing gender divides

We need to find ways to heal and unite

We need to band together

In a masculine/feminine alliance

And show no matter what gender you may be

The rich, the powerful, the famous have no right to abuse you and me

Division makes us weaker

There is unity in strength

Let’s all come together

And in that way we can make a bigger difference.

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