China and it’s murder of Tibet

Self immolation defines the Tibetan nation

Highlighting the cause of Chinese violations

culturally and ethnically cleansing  a country

and nobody is speaking out

it is another holocaust of that there is no doubt

Tibetan monks disappearing being murdered and abducted

and the Dalai Lama’s return is constantly obstructed

and the Chinese claim Tibet as their but this is not the fact

so monks have to find a way to try and hopefully attract

some attention to their cause and plight

but no one seems to take any notice

and China rides on a tide of affluence while destroying Tibet’s rich cultures

knocking down whole towns and cities and moving Han Chinese in

this is a crime against humanity why is the world not protesting

its all to do with money and the West grovelling to these brutal men

but the time has come to make a stand for all Tibetans

they use and abuse that Tibet has a water supply it can control

to hold power over other countries and for they value it can be sold

the Chinese fear Buddhism and I guess there is a good reason why

for when in silence the world witnesses the Tibetan race subside

karma will hopefully unleash a backlash over those who used

oppression murder and detentions in order so they could rule.

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